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About Me And My Website

Hi, I'm Christine and this is the story of how and why I built this website.

In May 2007 my husband and I moved to Cyprus from the U.k. to retire. We bought a beautiful villa with a pool and began to make a life for ourselves in the sunshine. People in the U.K. would say to us, 'It sounds wonderful but what are you going to do all day?' We said we would be doing whatever we would have done on retirement in the U.K., only in the sunshine.

Well to a certain extent that was true, but after getting the villa and garden how we wanted it I began to feel restless. I didn't have enough to occupy my mind and began to search the internet for online businesses. It was while searching that I came across Site Build It.

I watched a very interesting video about how easy it was with SBI's help to build your own website and how many have built successful income generating businesses all about subjects they are passionate about. Well that really appealed to me as I had been been looking for something that would also bring me some income ( for those essential flights back to U.K to see my family and friends) and also to occupy my mind.

SBI was the solution, I signed up and couldn't wait to get started. The Video explained how even someone with zero technical knowledge (me) can build a website from scratch and how right they were, this site is proof of that. Before I started with SBI I didn't even know how to copy and paste!

Having signed up I then had to think about what I wanted my site to be about. I had lots of ideas but couldn't decide between them when my husband came up with the idea of a site to do with pools. I thought about pool maintenance but there are lots of excellent sites out there on that subject and it didn't inspire me (my husband takes care of that side of owning a pool, thank goodness) so then I thought, what are the fun aspects of owning a pool? Hosting a pool party of course! and so pool-party-plus was born.

It's great to see more and more visitors coming to my site every day and and I love building new pages full of information about enjoying your pool, it certainly keeps me busy!

So if you need something to occupy your mind, make you some money and would enjoy the challenge of creating your own website from scratch as I have take a look at SBI - you won't regret it!

This Is My Pool!

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