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Thank you!

The farewell gig at Nosturi was epic and you, our fans and friends, made this experience and all past years incredible.

We couldn't have done this without you!

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Reformation - Spinefarm Records 2006

1. Race With the Falcons 4:47
2. Through the Ice Age 3:58
3. The New Chapter 4:25
4. Of Ancient Wounds 3:33
5. Child of Cimmeria 1:06
6. Black Winged Goddess 5:21
7. Heart of the Serpent 4:55
8. Bleeding Strings 5:50
9. Call of the Horns 3:39
10. Reformation 6:12
+ Japan bonus track
11. Hunting Girl (Jethro Tull cover) 5:09
All music and lyrics by Mikko Salovaara
Recorded by Nino Laurenne, Aksu Hanttu & Ossi Tuomela
at Sonic Pump Studios in Jan-March 2006
Mixed by Nino Laurenne at Sonic Pump Studios March 2006
Mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox Studios

Choirs by:
Kimmo Blom, Aleksi Parviainen, Pete "Vessaharja" Aho
Special guests:
Niko Kalliojärvi - berzerker vocals on Track 6
Euge Valovirta - guest guitar solo on Track 8
Janne "Crab" Lehikoinen - guest guitar solo on Track 8
Jaana Ranta - flute on Track 10
Karoliina Tiuraniemi - violin on Tracks 6 & 10
Essi Toivonen - violincello on Tracks 6 & 10
Dr. Evil - brief but important black mass on Track 10
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