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Pool Furniture Ideas

When thinking about what kind of pool furniture you need, think about your budget first as poolside furniture comes in varied prices and qualities.Practicalities are also important as furniture by your pool tends to have to be moved frequently as where you place it is determined by where the suns rays are at particular times of the day and whether you or your guests prefer to be in the sun or shade, there. So make sure your furniture is easily movable as I know by experience how frustrating it can be to have to wait for my husband to come and move the sun umbrella for me because the base was too heavy for me to move by myself!

Sunbeds need to be easily movable as well as you'll be following the sun round on those sunbathing days, go for the ones with the little wheels on one end to make the task easy and you'll need to be able to lift them if you are thinking of stacking them in the colder months.A comfortable mattress is a must for your sunbeds,matching them to the colour of your umbrellas always looks attractive.Pool furniture comes in lots of materials such as molded plastic, alluminium, wood, wrought iron and wicker. You may like to match the style of the furniture to your homes architectural style. Victorian style homes lend themselves to wicker or wrought iron styles where as a more modern home would look good with alluminium or molded plastic styles.

If you plan to entertain frequently choose a variety of seating options. Double love seats or hammocks are romantic for couples while wide comfortable chairs are great for those who are more comfortable sitting upright and spreading out. Side tables are good for entertaining and the small ones are essential to have beside your lounger for placing your drinks and eats,books and magazines.Children love sitting at child sized tables and chairs so don't forget them!

When deciding on plastic or wood or other materials for your poolfurniture don't forget about the upkeep of some materials. Wood will need regular oiling to keep it looking fresh and prevent it from drying out. Plastic can yellow with age but cleaners for PVC can be bought and are very effective. Wicker can get damp and go mouldy but 'wicker look' furniture is now very popular and hard to tell from the real thing.

Sun umbrellas are of course a must by the pool and come in a very varied selection of designs and colours. They can be difficult to move around as I mentioned earlier but now you can buy really solid bases which have casters and a lock which make things a great deal easier.Don't forget to take your umbrellas down when it's windy, we have found ours have ended up in the pool after an unexpected storm!

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