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Get Splashing With Fun Pool Games

When you're hosting a pool party, pool games add to the fun and get the party off to a great start especially if it's a kids party, but do make sure that you have plenty of adult supervision when kids are in the pool.

Ideas for Pool Games

Treasure Hunt

Buy lots of inexpensive 'treasure',toys trinkets etc.make sure they will stay on the bottom of the pool, players then try to retrieve the treasure in the allotted time and keep what they have found.

Push The Duck

Players in teams push the plastic duck with their noses along the length of the pool, first team to finish in allotted time are the winners.

Floating Fun

Float toys in the pool, plastic toys,ducks, noodle pieces etc. and race the clock to pick up objects, fastest teams the winner.


Limbo is a popular poolside game, you can buy kits with all you need included. Make sure your poolside in not slippery to avoid accidents.

Clothing Relay

Players put on hats, t shirt, gloves etc.jump in the pool and swim to the other side, take off the clothes and give them to next team player.

Ball Relay

A balloon or blow up ball must be transported a certain number of times across the pool,the team that finishes first is the winner.

In The Ring

Players must put on a blow up ring on jump in the pool and swim to the other side,give the ring to next in team and he then follows on, first team to finish are the winners.

Hope you have some fun with these games or you might like to try a sexy swimsuit competition or best belly flop contest or maybe water basketball or volleyball, whatever you choose keep cool and have fun!

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