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Pool Party Ideas

There are many pool party ideas and you may like to choose a theme for your pool party and decorate accordingly.

Adults- Tropical Paradise theme, decorate tables with bright cloths or raffia skirts and have tubs filled with water and petals floating in them, artificial or real(bouganvilia petals look veryattractive.) String up some flower garlands and have individual flowers with clips attached for ladies to wear in their hair.

For eating and drinking go for hot colours in paper or plastic plates,like bright orange, blue, yellow or pink, using these throw aways makes clearing up afterwards so much easier.

Use a whole pineapple as a center piece for your food serving table with sliced fruitsarranged around it on a large platter,melon wedges are particularly refreshing on a hot day.You'll need to have some Hawaiian music playing as quests arrive, e.g. Hawaiian Favourites by Don Ho, to createa tropicial ambiance. For delicious food why not fire up the barbecue and treat your guests to some sensational barbecue recipes.

Pool Party Ideas-Girls only manicure/pedicure theme.

This theme is bound to be popular! Imagine lying by the pool sipping a cocktail while being pampered.Hire a beautician for the afternoon and treat your guests to a manicure or pedicure. Place individual containers for each girl with nail file, polish and toe separators on small tables draped with pink paper or lilac cloths and small bowls filled with water and floating flower heads. Food can be light, dips andcrisps and mini sandwiches with various fillings followed by cup cakes, scrumptious!

Pool Party Ideas-Kids Only

This could be a special occasion such as a birthday party or just an excuse for your kids to have friends round and enjoy the pool. Decorate with balloons and streamers and choose colourful paper plates and cups with a pool or beach theme. Have lots of inflatables in the pool and at least two responsible adults supervising the youngters who can start the party with some fun pool games.

Pool Party Ideas - Themes

Almost any party theme can be altered to fit a pool party. Use your creativity and imagination to plan...

...A Midsummer's Night Dream Pool Party outdoors at night. Dig your clear Christmas mini-lights out of the attic and garage and mount them on trees, fences and other objects around the pool, being careful to keep cords a safe distance away from the pool. Drape soft fabrics where you can. Have classical music playing as your guests arrive and serve cocktails and hors d'oeurves poolside. Turn the heat up in the pool and build the evening around relaxion, conversation, and great music. You may even want to consider hiring a local group of classical musicians to play a live outdoor concert for you and your guests.

...A Fashion Fun Pool Party where guests compete in quirky runway competitions and fashion games. A fashion relay in the pool is hilarious. Guests are divided into teams and on your go, the first from each team puts on a prechosen one size fits all outfit (on top of their suits) and swim across the pool to their teammates on the opposite side, remove the outfits, and give them to their teammates who put them on and swim back. This continues till each team member has made the lap once or twice... whatever you decide ahead of time. First team done WINS!

...A Casino Pool Party could run from afternoon into evening and have a casual feel or a James bond feel. Casino games could be stationed in one area and betting for fun could include pool challenges, like between John and Terry who can swim the length of the pool 5 times fastest.

Inspired? Visit Diva Girl Parties and Stuff for more party ideas you can alter to fit your next pool party.

Tips For A Successful Pool Party

    • Make sure you have some extra towels, flip flops for guests who forget their own.
    • Provide a room for guests to change into their bathing suits and leave their clothes
    • Plenty of umbrellas are a must for guests who prefer to relax in the shade
    • Use plastic 'glasses' for drinks as broken glass is not what you want to have to deal with.
    • Place your pool furniture around the edge of the pool with tables in between where guests can put their food and drink.
    • Have lots of inflatable pool toys in the pool so guests can have fun spashing about with them
    • Choose appropriate music for your age group of guests and make sure someone is responsible for keeping it playing.
    • Candles come into their own as the sun sets and look very pretty floating in the pool at night. Citronella candles on tables are useful for keeping the bugs at bay and you might like to have some bug spray to hand as well.
    • Mark the depth of your pool with waterproof tape for your guests safety
    • Spritzer bottles of water placed in ice buckets are great for your guests to spray on and keep cool also provide some sunscreen for guests as it's all too easy to get burned while sunbathing without realising it.
    • Food of course is all important at any party and a pool party lends its self to barbecue food, so treat your guests to some delicious barbecue recipe ideas and sensational drinks.
    • Favors are a lovely touch for your guests and according to your budget you could go for inexpensive flip flops,sunglasses, sunscreen,or bust the budget and go for mini bottles of bubbly!

Have you any pool party ideas?
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