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Fun and Games with Pool Toys

Make your party a fun place to be and make sure you have enough pool toys.There are many toys to choose from which will please adults and children alike.Consider squirt guns, plastic rings,rubber ducks,beach balls and kick boards for the children which are sure to keep them occupied and happy all afternoon!

With adults in mind inflatables are a must especially the lounging ones with drinks holders in the armrests. There are different qualities available to purchase and generally the ones made of thicker materials are made to last longer and usually come with a puncture repair kit.

For guests of all ages consider a volleyball net for the pool or a basketball hoop.Swimming noodles are great fun for all,these are long cylinders of foam which float and can be used by all ages for games and supports for those who are not too confident in the water and they can be purchased very cheaply.

There is such a huge selection of toys to purchase, you are sure to find it difficult to choose which to buy!Below I have listed a selection which I'm sure will provide hours of fun for everyone at your pool party.

Have Some Splashing Fun With These Pool Toys.

Pool Archery

Suitable for all ages,test your skills using the soft safe arrows to achieve the highest score.

Water Quoits Game

Popular water game has a floating ring with targets, try to get the most rings on the targets.

Water Bombs

Water bombs will keep the kids happy for hours as they blast their bombs everywhere.

Floating Fins

Not strictly a game but these fins will help kids and adults zoom around the pool.

Diving Rings

Diving rings are great for improving diving skills and are sure to be used in many pool games.

Squiddy Subbies

Kids will adore this fun pool toy as it scoots through the water with tenticles trailing after.

Water Tennis

Hit the ball with the paddles to wrap around the pole. Water bomb balls allows for huge splashes while you play.

Floating Log

Sit up to five kids on this floating log, they will have so much fun trying to stay on the log.

Pool Target

Floating target and balls test your skills by throwing balls at target,can be used in or out of pool.

Arcade Shooter

Inflatable arcade which uses squirt guns to shoot out the balls-fun for everyone.

Here's a great idea to ensure childrens safety around your pool

Protect your children from swimming pool accidents with a pool alarm system that emits a piercing tone if they fall into a body of water. Click on the image above for more information.

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